Catholic––Jewish Reconciliation

Catholic––Jewish Reconciliation

Roni at the entrance to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Roni interviewing Sylvia about Catholic––Jewish Reconciliation

Recently Roni and his wife Elisheva visited Cracow, Poland and in the Old Town they met a Catholic lady by the name of Sylvia at the Franciscan Convent – Sylvia is involved in an institute that fosters Catholic––Jewish dialogue and reconciliation.

Roni interviewed Sylvia in which they discussed a number of topics of mutual interest, including the Catholic Charismatic Movement that has lead to a number of “Born Again” Catholics who are helping to bring spiritual renewal within the Catholic Church.

Poland––Suffering and Tears through thorns and thistles

There are a number of Bishops, and Catholic priests that actively are encouraging this renewal. Including many lay people of whom Sylvia is one. WWII deaths caused by the occupying Nazis equally cause immense suffering to Poles as well of Jews. One in ten Polish people were Jewish before the Holocaust.Today only a fraction of that number remains. They also discussed “Victimhood,” who suffered more Jews of Gentiles in Poland? The ultimate goal is that Jews and Catholics may be reconciled.


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