Wheat Allergies – in the United kingdom

Wheat Allergies
About four or five years ago I was suffering with great stomach discomfort and I came across a book by Dr William Davis called Wheat Belly: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/.

Now we have all come across those promising wonder cures and are they really just a money making racket run by quacks and charlatans? However, Dr Davis is really genuine. His research is based upon proper scientific research and I can personally verify that by eliminating all wheat flour from my diet I feel so much better and as long as I avoid wheat products I keep well.

I am not a celiac nor am I gluten allergic, but I have developed a hyper-allergic reaction if I eat anything made with wheat. This now affects about one in ten people. This does make eating out challenging, things are getting better in the UK where a lot of restaurants and food outlets do sell free-from wheat alternatives. Some gastro-pubs are really good.

I am able to eat Oats, Spelt, Rice, Rye, Buckwheat, Maize, Almond, Gram (chickpea), Potato and Einkorn flour to mention just a few alternatives. I have taken to baking my own bread, making my own biscuits and cakes.
There are also Free-From pastas available at the main supermarkets. For Free-From products I have found Sainsbury’s the best, while, ASDA, Tesco, and Morrisons do carry a more limited range depending on the size of the store. Another place to shop is online from some health food stores. You do, however, have to pay delivery charges. Dove flower products do package Einkorn, brown Spelt, etc… but you cannot order directly from them.

Visited a local school to take their assembly – at reception in conversation two of the staff both described symptoms that they have as a consequence of eating wheat – I have recommended that they read Wheat Belly.

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