Christian Arab Soldier’s Centre Organisation

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israel-defense-forces-shirt2017-04-26 12.40.33IMG_1939

On a recent visit to Haifa, Israel, Roni interviewed Najeeb, a Christian Arab from Haifa who established the Christian Arab Soldier’s Recruitment Centre that to date has signed up 80 young Arab Christian Men to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

Roni was assisted by Ruth Nessim who translated the conversation between Roni and Najeeb.  In a Middle-East that is in deep conflict and with many of Israel’s enemies accusing her of being an Apartheid State, it is refreshing to hear from an Israeli Arab, his perspective on life in Israel and why he wholeheartedly loves Israel and actively recruits young Arab Christian men to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

Not only is Najeeb an enthusiastic supporter of Israel, but he also unashamedly gives witness to his faith in Yeshua the Messiah, who he believes is the Promised One of Israel’s hope, but is equally the Saviour of both Jews…

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