Behold the Man: Between Judaism, Zionism, and Christianity

Zionism – What it is Not & what it IS

Shalom Radio UK

Shalom Radio UK

6378124915_db1307027b_b“A Celebration of Unity and Diversity is the space between Judaism and Christianity”

– Roots & Shoots –

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The Martyrs of Kischinew by E M Lilien

Jews fleeing from persecution in Eastern Europe sought places that were less hostile and more secure, with a number turning towards their ancient Biblical homeland as an option to settle. This led to the establishment of growing numbers of Jews moving to Ottoman occupied Palestine

(In the 3 part series of programmes on Joseph Rabinowitz we considered some of the issues surrounding the pogroms that were instigated against the Jews of the realm).

 This is from the Archive:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


This is the current programme – click below to listen:

Part 2

Behold the Man: Between Judaism, Zionism, and Christianity

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These new European Jewish arrivals in Ottoman Palestine during the latter part…

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