Coronavirus Prayer Request

———- Forwarded message ——–

My dears, Ihr Lieben,
From a good friend of Ruthi and me I got this prayer request from the underground churches especially in Wuhan – but also all around China!
With love from Nahariya!

I am sharing thIs letter from a leader of underground churches in Wuhan, China, the origin of Corona Virus. A call for heartfelt prayer, thank you, Kim
In 2019, Wuhan was designated as a demonstrate site for religious policy by Chinese regime, with the most severe church persecution, forcing 48 underground churches to be closed. By the end of 2018, almost all missionaries were deported. But here in the report of a newspaper, the highest man in the department who implements the religious policy over the underground churches died as the number one victim of Wuhan pneumonia(Corona Virus)! It is possible to guess why Wuhan became the epicenter of the plague, and why it quickly spread across the country and caused great damages to the nation even in its full efforts to stop it.
By all means, China has taken this opportunity to persecute churches: destructing church buildings, burning of Bibles, taking down crosses, monitoring by CCTVs for each church, forcing to hang the portrait of Xi, flags, putting public propaganda in worship time, blocking church meetings, deporting missionaries, and putting church leaders into prison. Please pray for them to listen God’s message and to repent, and to acknowledge and believe in God, to rule the nation correctly, so that they will no longer oppose God.
Ah .. But three days ago, the churches of Wenzhou Province sent 10,000 masks, 10,000 gloves, 5,000 protective clothings, and 5,000 bottles of antiseptic to the underground churches in Wuhan. But those were intercepted by them. Please pray also for the realization of justice in this country so that people of government agencies can distribute these supplies and aids according to their consciences (so as not to sell them personally) and no longer sin.
Not only Wuhan but most of China is in confinement. This measure of preventing all people from leaving the house would probably prevent us from worshiping for at least a month or two. Please pray for us: While confined at home, each saint sheds away all fears and worries, personally becomes more intimate with God through prayer and meditating His words, and becomes more robust in spirit. And through this period of suffering, the saints of China can enjoy peace in the storm by listening to the voice of the Lord, not to the sound of the world, so that they can grow in His Spirit.
Please pray for us to preach the Gospel via the Internet or WeChat, so that the churches (saints) in China will be more able to pray and be filled with the Holy Spirit to take the mission for His Kingdom more wisely and powerfully during this time of suffering. We are asking you to intercede for the leaders of each church and for the saints so that they may strive to save souls. Even preaching of the Gospel has been illegitimately stopped due to the religious policy, but this may be the best time and opportunity for the soul harvest.
Dear prayer supporters! How desperately we need the cooperation of the prayers of our co-workers in this emergency! <From the Underground Churches in Wuhan, China>

Betreff:Request for prayer….

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