Jewish Spirituality: Prayer, Study & Repentance/ Teshuva

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Part 1

Introduction: Setting the Scene

Over a 12 year period while living in Manchester, UK, I had the opportunity to teach Contemporary Judaism at one of the Manchester University theological colleges to final year theological students – NTC.

This was an elective 12 week course – [approximately 24 hours of teaching]. The course included synagogue visits; Holocaust Remembrance seminars conducted by rabbis;  visits to the Manchester Jewish Museum; an opportunity to dialogue with a rabbi for a whole day; and one of the highlights was an all day visit to an Orthodox synagogue that included a discussion of Jewish Texts that included the Amidah, Pirkei Avot and the Shema.

Amidah, Pirkei Avot and the Shema – these 3 significant Jewish texts from the Talmud, Jewish Payer Book and Torah are featured in this programme.

Judaism is a living faith and not a relic from the past. Many people are not well  informed when it comes to knowing about modern Judaism. Let the rabbis and Jewish scholars speak for themselves.

Listen and enjoy this podcast of Shalom Radio, UK

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