MaxRon Discussions: The Jewish Book of “Why?”

“Why?” Life is filled with perplexity and many unanswered questions –– “The Jewish Book of Why,” was written by a rabbi who attempted to answer many of the difficult questions that his congregants ask him over a number of years.

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Jewish Book of Why

Kolatch, Alfred J. and then Chief Rabbi Dr Hertz of the UK’s book –– The Jewish Book of Thoughts.

Jewish Book of Why
Kolatch, Alfred J. This complete, concise, fascinating, and thoroughly informative guide to Jewish life and tradition, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch clearly explains both the significance and the origin of nearly every thing that is important that makes the Jewish people distinctive:
• symbol,
• custom,
• and practice known to Jewish culture-from Afikomon to Yarmulkes, and from Passover to Purim.

Why do Jews
• circumcise their sons on the 8th day?
Disclaimer: We totally reject
any notion of female circumcision!
• even do this circumcision on the Sabbath?
• follow the mother’s Jewish heritage, and not their fathers to prove that they are Jews?
• called the ‘Chosen people?’
• eat Kosher food? What is the significance between clean and unclean foods?
• keep the Sabbath?
• observe the Jewish festivals, such as Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, The Feast of Trumpets [Rosh HaShona, Yom Kippur and Succoth] ?
• keep Chanukah?
• observe Shivah (7 days morning) for the dead?
• read the Tenuch (Hebrew Scriptures) and also the Talmud?
• believe in One GOD?
• believe that when the Messiah comes there will be universal peace?
• not believe that Yeshua/ Jesus is the Messiah?
• suffer persecution?
• look to Israel as their ‘Promised Land?’

From a Messianic Jewish perspective there are equally a multitude of perplexing unanswered questions.

• do bad things happen to good people?
• did six million Jews die in the holocaust?
• do pandemics happen?
• do some people blame the Jews? (Anti-Semitism)
• do wars happen?
• are there food shortages?
• are there natural disasters happen?
• do people blame the Jews?
• do people persecute the Jewish people?
• do Jewish people believe in One GOD?
• do most Jewish people not accept Yeshua as Lord and Messiah?
• do folk say that Jesus-believing-Jews are no longer Jewish?
• does are the Jewish people called the God’s Chosen people?
• do some say the Jews have fulfilled their role since Christ came?

Kaddish – Prayer
The Jewish Book of Why?

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