MaxRon Discussions: The Jewish Book of Why? Part 2

The Jewish Book of Why? Part 2: A Messianic Jewish Perspective on “Why?”

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As way of Introduction From a Messianic Jewish viewpoint, while we agree with Alfred Kolatch on some of his ideas concerning Jewish faith and practice, there are points on which we express things differently. Notwithstanding, he still has many worthwhile subjects that are worthy of our consideration.

So Why?
• do bad things happen to good people?
• did six million Jews die in the holocaust? It was not so much a question as ‘to where was God?’ Rather it was the case of ‘where was humankind?’

• did nearly half million of those who died under the Nazis identify themselves as Jesus-believing-Jews? There were at least two churches in Warsaw Ghetto that Jewish believers regularly worshipped in.
• do some people blame the Jews for pandemics? The Black Death, 1918 Flu, and Covid-19?

• do some say the Jews control world-world finances?

• that all Jews are wealthy?

• do people persecute the Jewish people?
• do Jewish people believe in One GOD?
• do most Jewish people not accept Yeshua as Lord and Messiah?
• do folk say that Jesus-believing-Jews are no longer Jewish?
• are some Jewish people called Messianic Jews/ Hebrew Catholics, Hebrew Christians (Protestants), etc.,?

• Why do some Messianic fellowships separate themselves from the church?

• are Gentile believers called Christians/ Messianic believers,
• do some say that the Jews have fulfilled their role since Christ came?

What future is predicted: • for the Jewish people? • for the church? • for those who have embraced Yeshua as Messiah and Lord?

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