THATHAT –– Messianic Jewish Perspectives: Talking About Jesus

THATHAT: Talking About Yeshua –– Straight Talking

THATHAT: Talking About Yeshua –– “Straight Talking”

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I recall some years ago on talk radio there was a conversation concerning a group of faith leaders –– and the subject of sharing the Good News arose. On the panel of four, three of the members were tying themselves in knots concerning the validity of preaching, when a certain evangelical minister spoke up in the midst of the discussion –– “Tell them about Jesus and tell them for 20 minutes.” The other three were full of doubtful disputations, bar the one who had the courage of his convictions, and he wan’t afraid to say so!

The Scripture declares, if our message is veiled, then how can anyone know what we are trying to say!

Straight talking is often in short supply –– there are numerous reasons why folk don’t want to talk about Jesus/Yeshua: So why are people afraid to talk about faith and particularly, about faith in God through the mediation of Yeshua the Messiah?
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