Meet Avraham* a Messianic Jewish Congregation Leader in Israel – He talks of his hopes & dreams

*AVRAHAM Synonyms: Abraham, av-ra-HAM, אַבְרָהָםAbraham 

Messianic Believers in Israel

Jewish believers face many hurdles to jump over in Israel. This is not only when considering to become a believer in Yeshua that one confronts many challenges, but also some have faced opposition to their profession of faith in Yeshua as Messiah and Lord, occasionally confronted with sever hostility, rejection and physical violence (this does not often happen).

Avraham a congregation leader near Jerusalem speaks to Roni about some of these issues facing those who choose to follow Yeshua.

In the second part of the programme Avraham shared an inspiring talk on how you may make the great discovery personally of what it means to accepting of Yeshua and how our age old rejection of him is overcome.

Joseph is a type of Yeshua


Avraham uses the symbolism (type) of Joseph, Jacob’s son, who was rejected by his brothers and sold into slavery to illustrate how Yeshua is also rejected by his own. It is through divine revelation that reconciliation takes place and we discover that he has the key to our understanding and gives us the ability to be embraced by him as we discover Yeshua as our brother.

An apology: Due to the poor recording quality in the second part of the interview, Roni tells of Avraham’s response and expressing his thoughts, hopes and dreams.



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