A True Story of God’s Love – Ruth Nessim Relates About Her Faith Journey


Ruth Nessim

During April 2017, while I was visiting Ruth Nessim of Nahariyah, Israel, together with her house guest, Betty (Betina) from Germany, a pastor friend Ralf also visiting from Germany called around and Ruth tells her story of how she came to faith. She relates of how she met Albert “her Jewish husband” and the amazing ministry that they shared in Israel together since the 1970’s.

Following Albert’s death nearly a decade ago, Ruth continues to share her faith, with Jews and Arabs in her beloved Israel. She actively promotes fellowship among the diverse communities in the land and this demonstrates how the dividing wall of hostility can be broken down through the sharing of the Good News. This is surely the basis of how a lasting peace may be achieved in not only Israel, but throughout the world?


Ruth’s example of how as a Jewish believer she heard the call of God, to following him, but  also listen to how her life made a difference. She tells of the consequence of yielding to that call, and how many others experience God’s life-giving, life-changing power in their lives through her testimony.

Like Ruth and Albert you too can discover God’s LOVE for you personally whoever you are!


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If you would like further help in your desire to discover G-D’s love, please send me a message and I would love to be of assistance.

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