Answers To Difficult Questions: Has G_d Rejected His People?

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Romans 11-2 Not Rejected-black copy 4_edited-1


In our studies in Romans 9 – 11 we consider the weighty question as to whether G_d has rejected the Jewish people? Many who hold to this viewpoint assert that this is due to their failure to embrace Jesus/ Yeshua as Messiah and L_rd?

In chapter 11 of Romans 

Rav Shaul Asks:

Has G_d

“Has G_d Rejected His People?” For Jewish People and the Church, this is one of the biggest controversies that has continued to fuel the phenomena of Anti-Judaism and inadvertently contributed to Anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred.

Anti-Zionism while not directly linked to the question of whether G_d has rejected the Jewish people [Israel], any negative suggestion helps to contribute to an antipathy towards Jews, Judaism and Israel.

I personally have met many well-meaning Christians who when  Judaism is spoken about as a religion, a very negative attitude towards it is expressed.

Part of the problem is the perception that because of…

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