I Am A Mechanic: How to Fix Body, Mind, & Spirit

Body, Mind, and Spirit

What do we mean by these terms––Body, Mind, and Spirit?

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Body, Soul, Spirit SIMPLY Explained

Body, Mind, and Spirit––It became very popular about thirty years ago to speak about Body, Mind, and Spirit as a new approach to wellness and wholeness and out of this came alternate therapies, meditation, mindfulness and this included a lot of other new age ideas. Some were based on sound principles, while others were very suspect and lacked any real scientific or spiritual soundness. Suddenly, popular bookshops, such as Waterstones and WH Smiths in the UK, and Barnes & Nobles in the USA introduced a brand new book section under the heading of ‘Body, Mind, and Spirit.

What Does “Body, Mind, and Spirit” Truly Mean?

You have heard people talk about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Many people have a hazy interpretation of what it means, but it simply pertains to an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual health.

According to a Biblical outlook, there are two distinct ways of viewing human beings––this should not be seen as contradictory, but rather complementary: Judaism speaks of people as being “living souls,” while in New Testament terms, Paul the Apostle speaks of a trinity of being as “body, soul and spirit.”

Feeling Troubled and Unwell

You have likely noticed that when something is troubling you mentally or emotionally, you actually begin to manifest symptoms physically. This is referred to as a ‘psychosomatic’ illness. Your heart starts racing, you get head aces, stomach cramps and in severe cases stomach ulcers, some even hyper-ventilate, while you may sweat more than usual, you have a hard time sleeping because you keep thinking about the problem – others begin to feel lethargic and fatigued. If these pressures persist one of the outcomes is clinical depression, and some have contemplated suicide too. Some begin to compulsively over eat or drink alcohol or even take drugs in a vain attempt to compensate for feeing troubled. Rather than these escapisms helping the situation it actually make them feel worse. This is when the mind-body-spirit are out of balance.

However, when your mind is at peace, you are more likely to be happier, kinder, and more grateful, because you’re not so embroiled from within. Physically, you are relaxed and ready to take on whatever challenges life throws your way.

The Connection Between Mind, Body, and Spirit

Dealing with struggles is a part of life that cannot always be avoided. Strengthening the connection between the mind, body, and spirit takes effort, so here is how these three factors work together to benefit your overall health:

A Healthy Mind

Someone with a healthy mind keeps the brain exercised regularly, and stress and worry are kept at bay by choice. Positive thoughts, gratitude, and a feeling of joy are present, and there is a thirst for knowledge and learning. Just like the brain requires sleep every night, the brain also requires things to think about and to ponder.

A Healthy Spiritual Life

It is only possible to enjoy a healthy spiritual life in and through getting to know and love God––this can only transpire through being “Born Anew.” When we born of God, our human spirit is made alive through God’s life-giving Spirit that regenerates us. Before that happens be can best be described being spiritually dead.

A Healthy Body

A healthy body is free of disease and illness, and it is not riddled with pain. Bodily health is also made possible by a healthy diet, good nutrition, and regular exercise.

A healthy body naturally wants to move and seeks activity. Maintaining physical health also includes keeping regular checkups with your primary care doctor in order to prevent illness, or to detect it and treat it right away if a disease does exist.

A Healthy Spirit

Being spiritual is being centered and having an understanding that you are part of something much bigger than yourself. Facilitating a healthy spiritual life includes being part of a faith community to share yourself with others, and enjoy the life of God and his people, in and through Yeshua the Messiah. Also through receiving God’s love and forgiveness, we in turn are able to give without expecting anything tangible in return. A healthy spirit requires to be able to love, and be loved.

The question of spiritual regeneration is fundamental to our experiencing God’s redeeming work––Yeshua, the Messiah and Lord is Saviour: He said, that He is the Light and Life of all who turn to him. He sends the Holy Spirit to enliven our human spirits and that is how we are ‘born agin.’

How is the Harmony to be Found?

According to the Scriptures, in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament there are numerous texts that encourage us individually to seek God and to discover his perfect will and purpose for our lives.

“If you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart.”

Seeking and Finding

There needs to be an earnestness and a sincere endeavour to seek after the ways of the Lord God. Half-heartedness will yield little if any satisfaction in our quest. There is reward awaiting each one of us, if our desire is to discover the key to life and its meaning for our mortal lives.

Yes, We are Living Souls––Live Life to the Full

As the Jewish concept of human beings sees us as living souls, we need to not only understand ourselves to be whole integrated beings, but alive to God and to all that he has for us. Lay hold of what he has laid hold of for us. Grasp it, don’t neglect it or let it slip away from your reach. Determine that while you have life and strength that you make the most of the opportunities that you are presented with. Then you will have a fulfilled life, and a happy and blessed one.

Body, Mind, and Spirit––One Whole New Being

A new opportunity to enjoy God’s New Life that He has given us in Yeshua. As we live and have our being restored to the divine image that God envisaged for us we will be able to live out our lives just as God had intended us to do––more according to his perfect will and our purpose for us, and less of our empty and futile imaginings––Wow, it’s good to be alive and to be able to walk in the ways and light of God. Amen!

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