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Your radio host is Roni Mechanic 

Twitter: @roni_mechanic

Shalom shares Messianic Jewish perspectives – We cover topics concerning Jewish people, Israel, and the Middle-East, current affairs, social and political issues and how these impact upon Jewish life not only in Israel but the UK as well.

Programmes include music to uplift the soul, personal stories of folk on the journey of discovery, and how faith and prayer have given hope to many. The programmes are not only meant for Jewish listeners but all who want to gain a fresh insight into how you may find peace/shalom in this troubled world.

At the heart of Shalom is the conviction that Yeshua/Jesus is

the Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the World.


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The different faces of Jesus are explored and some of the images of how he is portrayed are included in this programme as seen below:

  b_black_jesus black-jesus-2 ethiopic-jesus-3 

Black Jesus         –        Dark skinned –  Jesus    –     Ethiopian icon     –

 b_catacomb alpha_omega

Alpha & Omega    –   3rd Century image


  jesus-0131   Turin Shroud 

 holywood-jesus-4          guru-jesus-5     rasta-jesus-9    che-jesus-7 

Hollywood image  –  Indian Guru  –    Rastafarian   –  South American Revolutionary

                                jwish-jesus-6   1st Century Jewish man’s head

  Russian Jesus 10.png   Russian Icon                   

 crucifixion-11   Chagall’s White Crucifixion 

 asher-1-5in   Potok’s Brooklyn Crucifixion    

 chagall-marc-apocalypse-en-lilas-capriccio-600-1    Chagall’s Crucifixion in Lilac                                                                       chagall-green-fidler   Chagall’s Green Fidler  

  picasso-ldda   Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

RNS-CHAGALL-PAINT a   Chagall’s Descent from the Cross

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